We Must Work Together To Help

We understand the need to help when an animal is neglected or endangered. The best way to help is to contact your county’s corresponding offices and report the issue!
For emergency situations please call 911.

Report a Crisis

Effingham County

  • Animal Control: 217-347-5695
  • Sheriff's Office: 217-342-2101

Cumberland County

  • Animal Control: 217-849-3647
  • Sheriff's Office: 217-849-2571

Fayette County

  • Animal Control: 618-283-2141
  • Sheriff's Office: 618-283-2141

Clay County

  • Animal Control: 618-665-3005
  • Sheriff's Office: 618-665-3316

Shelby County

  • Animal Control: 217-774-4932
  • Sheriff's Office: 217-774-3941

Jasper County

  • Animal Control: 618-783-8477
  • Sheriff's Office: 618-783-8477

Give Them a Chance Before You Surrender A Pet

When shelters are full, Rehome your pet on your own using Adopt a Pet

If you haven’t already, we recommend that you first take a look at the resources that are available in Effingham County to help owners with their pet problems.

However, if your home is no longer the best fit for your pet, they are always welcome back into our care. Let’s work together to determine and implement the best solution for you and your pet.