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It’s up to us to work together to stop animal neglect or abuse. The best way to help is to contact your county’s corresponding offices and report the issue! For emergency situations please call 911.

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declawed kitten paw

Kitten season is upon us! When taking a new kitten into your home, there are many aspects to think about. One of those life decisions is declawing your pet. Onychectomy, or declawing, is the surgical amputation of the nail and distal toe bones. This procedure is usually performed on the front feet but can be…
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Fanny Mae Keller volunteers for Dog Care throughout the week whenever she has availability and on the weekend morning or afternoon shift. She also trains our new dog volunteers whenever she can. Fanny spends extra time with our dogs during and after her shift and gives them more of that one-on-one socialization that they love….
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Border Collier/Jack Russell adopted dog

Carly Treinen adopted Jonah (formerly known as Sam) in October 2016 from a litter of nine Border Collie/Jack Russell pups. When she brought him home, he loved his older brother and wanted to be a part of everything he did – including competing in events. Jonah competed in Rally and Obedience as a puppy and…
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