From Shelter Puppy to Super Dog!

Border Collier/Jack Russell adopted dog

Carly Treinen adopted Jonah (formerly known as Sam) in October 2016 from a litter of nine Border Collie/Jack Russell pups. When she brought him home, he loved his older brother and wanted to be a part of everything he did – including competing in events. Jonah competed in Rally and Obedience as a puppy and now competes in agility, disc, flyball, dock diving, and nose work. He is a fantastic dog!

Last year Jonah won the 2021 UKI Dog Agility Midwest Cup and attended U-FLI (flyball) regionals and the UKI U.S. Open. This year he is headed to Kentucky for the Updog (disc) International Finals and the Netherlands for the World Agility Open Championship.

I am so thankful to all of you for bringing him into my life!

Border Collie/Jack Russell
Last year Jonah won the 2021 UKI Dog Agility Midwest Cup, attended U-FLI (flyball) regionals, and the UKI U.S. Open.
Border Collie/Jack Russell Litter
A litter of nine border collie/jack Russell puppies rescued by Effingham County IL Humane Society
Jonah 2016 Puppy
Jonah as a puppy 2016