Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t keep my cat, why can’t I just drop it off?

There is a very large cat overpopulation problem in our area.  Because so many cats are not spayed or neutered, we are bombarded with kittens every year, often twice a year.  Most of these kittens are orphaned, injured or sick, and require around the clock care to get them healthy.  This leaves us with an abundance of cats every year.

I can’t keep my dog, why can’t I just drop him off?

We have a procedure for bringing dogs into our shelter.  Every dog coming into the shelter must have an up-to-date rabies vaccination and proof is required.  Legally, every dog over 16 weeks of age must have a rabies vaccination.  We will not evaluate a dog unless we have proof of this.  Once we have this information, we can schedule an evaluation for the dog.  This will usually require a separate appointment time to be made.  

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