What is the Adoption Process at ECHS?

You may have fallen in love with an animal you saw on a recent visit to the Humane Society, or you may have been browsing our Pet Finder page (www.effingham.petfinder.com) looking at all our adoptable animals, or perhaps you saw one of our adoptable pets featured in the newspaper or in a flyer around town.  Now you’re wondering what the next step is to make that pet yours, right?

The next step is to fill out an adoption application.  An application allows us to ask specific questions that will help us to assist you in finding the perfect pet for your lifestyle and environment.  Not all pets would be happy in a very quiet, sedate lifestyle, quite the same as not all pets would be happy in an active and noisy home.  So there are questions on the application about what type of pet you are looking for and about your family and home life.  The application can be filled out in person at the Humane Society, or you can find it online.

Once your application has been submitted to us, it normally takes us 1-2 business days to process that application.  We adopt out within a 350 mile radius of our shelter.  You must be at least 20 years old in order to adopt from ECHS.  We do ask for your landlord’s contact information if you rent.  It is important that we contact your landlord ahead of time to make sure your lease allows pets of the type and size you want to adopt.  

We also ask for a veterinary reference if you have current pets or have had pets in the past.  We will contact the veterinarian to make sure your current pets are up to date on all their vet care (including heartworm preventative for dogs) and are spayed or neutered.  We will read over your answers to the application questions and will contact you to discuss the application.

Once your application for a particular animal has been approved, we will contact you to set up a date and time for you to come finalize the adoption.  At that time, you will be asked to sign an adoption contract.  You will be given an adoption packet and a record of that animal’s health records.  If you are adopting a cat, you will be required to bring a cat carrier to carry your new friend home in.  We will help you register your new pet’s microchip into your name, so that if it is ever lost the finder can get in touch with you right away.  

We will take an adoption day picture to post on Facebook and for all our volunteers to see.  And, we will hang a cute name tag with your pet’s name on it to post on our adoption Happy Tails board!  

We always love to see updates and pictures about the animals that were adopted from the Humane Society.  Many of our adopters send emails with updates or will post updates directly to our Facebook page!  

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